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Tunnels for dog rescue test



  The essence of dogs rescue training is searching and identification of living or dead persons. Especially is it a search in the rubble (debris of buildings, landslides), field searching (large and difficultly accessible forests), or also rescue tracking, water and avalanche work. The aim of training is to prepare dog for practice. For it are used various artificial obstacles. One of them is specially modified tunnel.

 Our tunnels for rescue dogs training are made according to valid international FCI and IRO rules.

 Fixed part of the tunnel has a diameter of 50 cm and is 3 m long. This part is made of highly durable PVC (620g/m2), which is UV stabilized and its resistance is guaranteed up to -20 ° C. The fixed part is reinforced with steel wires, which are covered the whole length to avoid possibility of injury during training or handling.

 Fabric part is intended for dog crawling. The upper part is made of soft, non-transparent and waterproof material – cortexin. This part is 3 m long. At the end is equipped with two loops for anchoring the fabric part to the ground. Bottom part is made of very durable PVC, which ensure longer lifetime.

 Tunnel has a smooth inner seam and can be used even in bad weather. Tunnel can be shaped into various arcs or curves.

 We deliver tunnels according to customer needs in various color combinations of the tunnel, stripes and ending fabric part – white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green and black. All colour combination is without extra charge!

 Weight of the entire tunnel is 12 kg and is sold for 179 Eur (incl. VAT).

 To stabilize the tunnel we recommend using our saddle or stabilization bags.

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 On request we produce any length and atypical dimension of fabric part. This part can be connected to your current plastic or other tube by rubber, which is hide in fabric pipe or by prepared steel rings or by reinforced edging. For more information and quotation contact us on: info@tunelypropsy.cz.


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