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NEW fixation saddle bag JENNY!!!!


In cooperation with agility world champion Jenny Damm, we developed new fixation saddle bag JENNY. Buy it and take care of your back when mooving bags on the course. Due to high quality of Velcro, this bag can be split into two parts and you can carry just one part (up to 14kg). Read more about JENNY bag in section Stabilization bags - Jenny  


Shall you have any question, please, contact JayceeJumps on  info@jayceejumps.co.uk   or HCV group on sales@hcv.cz 






Here are photos of oficial agility tunnels for World Championship in agility 2012 in Liberec!




We are also producer of tunnels for dog rescue test. Tunnels are made according to FCI and IRO rules. For more information, please, contact us on: info@tunelypropsy.cz.


We have became sales representatives of Finnish agility obstacles producer Agimet for the Czech Republic and Slovakia!


Very popular are their obstacles for training, especially slalom and zone obstacle. More information in section Obstacles.


pc089708.jpg   s_keinu-1.jpg


 Our company produce solid, transparent and chute agility tunnels, which serve as obstacles for dog training - agility. They are used for dog tournaments, in dog clubs and for obedience training in the private secto


It is a very solid and storable obstacle in the shape of the sleeve. Tunnels are produced on diameter of 60cm and the length from 3m to 6m (on customer's need we can produce different diameter and length). They are made of very durable PVC (620 g/m2) and they are reinforced by special spring steel wires, which are covered the whole length to avoid possibility of injury during training or handling. Tunnels have a smooth inner seam. They can be used even in bad weather.


Tunnels can be shaped into various arcs or curves. We deliver tunnels according to customer needs in various color combinations of the tunnel and stripes – white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green and black.



The main advantages of the circular version of the tunnel compared to spiral version are:

 Tpicto-fajfka.jpgunnel holds its maximum length, there is no pressure on contraction

       When it isn't used its entire length, the tunnel doesn't tend to expand

      The tunnel is easily formed into sharped turns

      Lower number of wires reduce inequality under dog paws

      Lower weight makes it easier to transport

     Higher variability of colour combination









Availaible colours



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We are looking for sales representatives. For more information, please, contact us on: info@tunelypropsy.cz