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Solid tunnels




 Tunnels for dogs serve as solid obstacles for dog training - agility.  They are used for dog tournaments, in dog clubs and for obedience training in the private sector.



 It is a very solid and storable obstacle in the shape of the sleeve. Tunnels are produced on diameter of 60cm and the length from 3m to 6m (on customer's need we can produce different diameter and length). They are made of very durable PVC (620g/m2) and they are reinforced by special spring steel wires, which are covered the whole length to avoid possibility of injury during training or handling. Tunnels have a smooth inner seam. They can be used even in bad weather.

 Tunnels can be shaped into various arcs or curves.

 We deliver tunnels according to customer needs in various color combinations of the tunnel and stripes – white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green and black. All colour combination is without extra charge!

 Weight of 1 m solid tunnel is 3,3 kg.

 To stabilize the tunnel you can also use our saddle and stabilization bags.


 Price list of solid tunnels, diameter 60cm :

Length Price in EUR
3m 158 EUR
4m 197 EUR
5m 235 EUR
6m 275 EUR







 All prices include 21% VAT. Shipping and handling is FREE for the Czech Republic, 10 EUR for Slovakia, 28 EUR for EU countries, 48 EUR for Non-EU countries.


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5.m.jpg 14.jpg
5m 6m