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Information about the company

Our company HCV group a.s. was established in 1993. Our joint-stock company is fully owned by Czech persons. In 2003 we bought sewing hall and 3 years later we started to produce tunnels for agility. During this period our agility tunnels gained a strong position on the Czech market, where are used in agility competitions, agility clubs and also in the private sector.

We are sponsor of some domestic competitions and recently we participated as a seller of the European Championships 2010 in agility and World Championship 2010, 2011 and 2012 in agility. Our agility tunnels were used during WC 2012 in agility.


Members of the company



Ing. Igor Vala


Petr Gabko


269189_236089066412269_138972179457292_776807_4069502_n.jpg p9179519.jpg

Ing. Vladimír Jošt


Ing. Petr Vala


sici-dilna.jpg p1160718.jpg

Sewing hall







HCV group a.s.

Chodská 1203

756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Czech Republic

LOC : 49°27´33.443" N, 18°8´6.575"E



GSM: +420 734 576 576 (Mr. Vladimir Jost)

            fax:    +420 571 677 085