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This is a portable mobile fence, which helps you to crate quickly a space/privacy for you and your dog(s) during competitions and caravanning/camping.

Length of one fence is 4 metres. The fence has 5 vertical tunnels for steel rods with spines, which keep the fence in vertical position. Each fence is equiped with two zippers, which allove you to connect two fences together and fencing can be simply lengthened.


  • produced from PVC meshwork 295 gr/m², UV resistant
  • Steel rods with spines helps to keep fence in vertical position in terrain. The rods are covered by white plastic material 
  • Each fence has two double-side zippers, which allove entrance/exit to/out bordered area and connecting of each fence with the other fence to create endless fence
  • Construction of low weight and easy transport
  • Bottom part of fence is equiped by metal eyes to fix the fence to the ground
  • Dimensions: 1,1 metre x 4 metres or 0,9 metre x 4 metres

 For easy storing and transport of these mobile fences, we created bag for two fences and 9 steel rods. You can buy it separatelly.

Shopping options:

  • Basic set of 2 fences and 9 steel bars (fence height 1.1 m or 0.9 m)
  • Extension set = 1 fence + 4 steel bars (fence height 1.1 m or 0.9 m). Only 4 steel bars are needed for each additional fence.
  • Separate steel bar for fence of height 1.1 m or 0.9 m
  • Portable bag for 2 fences and 9 pieces of steel bars.  


  • Cardboard box


  • 33€ including VAT/one box up to 30 kg (for some of European countries). Please, ask for shipping cost to your country before placing of order.



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Mobile Fence

(Ragnhild Schei, 2021-06-04 19:29)

I sent you an e-mail earlier, I wish to buy 16 meters 1,1 m high including all I need for that with bags to store it in also. I am in Norway. Pls send me invoice and the goods after I paid.
Best regards
Ragnhild Schei
Postb 18, 4358 Kleppe Norway